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Joe Borriello

Joe Borriello

CFO Solutions & Support

Hello, I'm Joe "the CFO" Borriello and I have over twenty years of experience in the financial services industry, including ten years at TD Ameritrade managing strategic accounts and working with advisors to help build more productive businesses. I'm an employee of LPL Business Solutions, contracted by PEEK WEALTH.

In my role, I provide Justin and his team with actionable insights based on financial analysis designed to help create a more efficient business model for PEEK WEALTH and you, our clients. Even more specifically, I operate as financial controller who advises on everything relating to cash flow, operations, financial planning, and taxation issues of the business itself.

To work for a firm with a Founder and CEO with 20 years of experience that has another 20 years more ahead is a breath of fresh air and unique. Peers with Justin's experience are typically in their sixties and seventies in 2024, with little time left to shape and form a business in this modern financial planning world we now live in. Most are simply looking to sell at the highest multiple.

I would like PEEK WEALTH clients to really understand and appreciate the uniqueness of a financial services company that carries no debt, has no proprietary products, is singularly focused on the client experience of advice, and retains 100% ownership and control resting with the founders, Mr. and Mrs. Peek.

The collective experience, strong financial foundation, and ownership structure of PEEK WEALTH are what attracted me to contract with them. This allows for the most modern array of services and capabilities a client could find anywhere else in the industry, and I'm excited for the impact this firm will have over the next 20 to 30 years on so many clients' lives. To play a small role in that success is an honor.

Along with my wife, Karla, and our three dogs – Oakley, Buddy, and Chicken Bone Will (a very long story!) – we live in Nevada. In my free time, I'm an avid photographer and can usually be found out and about taking street photography. Any fellow photographers reading this? Let me know!

While I typically work 'backstage' at PEEK WEALTH with Justin, Mariah, and Rebekah all 'frontstage', I hope I have the pleasure of meeting or speaking with you. Thank you.