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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you offer a no-cost, no obligation consultation?

Yes. First, we have a 15-minute phone call to confirm the ‘what, why and how’ that prompted you to ask for an introduction to us. If we offer the scope of service you are seeking, you are invited to another no-cost, no-obligation 45-minute discovery meeting to dig deeper and get to know you better. We feel we have no right to talk about your money nor tell you what to do with it until we know who you are. Yes, we will discuss services, cost, philosophy, and fit. We seek a long-term partnership with our clients. Helping our individuals and families get and keep their ideal lifestyle is a relationship versus a transaction.

  • How do we work together and communicate?

    Our communication process was designed for and with our clients. Our financial planning process was designed by the College of Financial Planning Board of Standards. Both are tailored to your individual pace. You choose whether face-to-face or virtual.

    Once you are a client, we begin by offering you a ‘get organized’ meeting. You gather your folders and piles of financial ‘stuff’ and relax while we organize, label, save and file (including encrypted digital) for you at your direction. At our next meetings, we craft your formal financial planning for your various goals with our established, multi-step process. We will then review, stress-test, reorganize, and reallocate your investments in Fiduciary fee-based accounts.

    Several times a year, we hope to see the whites of your eyes, live or virtual, at forward-planning meetings to discuss progress towards goals, tax and estate strategies, business owner updates if they apply, as well as review any and all personal, business, life, disability, and LTC insurance.

    We make regular pro-active calls to complete administrative items throughout the year as well as email market, economic, and event-driven updates. You’ll receive invitations to our many live and virtual client education events, as well as a sprinkling of philanthropic opportunities, coffee clubs, and social hours just to ‘catch-up’ on our lives and families. Lastly, our most-engaged clients are encouraged to think up their own custom events for us to design and host. Rest-assured, time is your most valuable resource, and we will maximize that which you give us.

  • Do you have a minimum account size?

    Yes. Because of the depth and breadth of service and solutions we provide, our minimum begins at $500,000. Accounts within the same household may be combined to meet this amount. Exceptions are made for generations of the same family.

  • Are you a Fiduciary?

    Yes. And it might be helpful to provide you a definition too. Per Investopedia, a Fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of a person or persons and is legally bound to act solely in their best interests. A Fiduciary Duty is the obligation a party has to act in another party’s best interest. We are a Fiduciary in thought, word, and deed, as it isn’t so much a regulatory issue for us as it is a moral one. Further, Justin is a Fiduciary as a CFP® as well as an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) for fee-based investment management. He’s been in practice for 18 years and blessed to have many clients since his earliest years. As a result, he retains his securities license for his legacy clients that prefer a securities-based account versus fee-based. New clients are not permitted to come on board as a securities client, as this is a professional courtesy only for those legacy clients.

  • What digital solutions do you provide?

    PEEK WEALTH provides a full-service virtual or in-person experience for you. Whether you are on the other side of the country or just five minutes away, the choice is yours. You will have online account access, an app, web conferencing, secure texting, secure electronic funds transfers, encrypted e-signature, trade authorization, and secure online document storage.

  • What is your cost?

    While the financial industry most commonly uses the word fee, we prefer to think in terms of cost. Just as you pay a cost for your Amazon Prime, Netflix subscription, favorite restaurant, or last international vacation, you pay a cost as opposed to a fee to access our service and solutions.

    Ongoing planning and investment management cost is 1.25% on the first $1 million of collective assets managed. These costs are tiered so additional invested assets are subject to a lower percentage. These costs do not include internal expense of any ETFs, SMAs or institutional mutual funds used.

  • Can you work with people in any state?

    Yes, no matter where you live in the United States, PEEK WEALTH can serve you. When PEEK WEALTH deems it appropriate, Justin will fly for in-person meetings.

  • Do you accept referrals and how should I introduce you?

    Yes, we welcome your introductions! Our client base was grown organically, one-by-one, through referrals from happy clients that took that extra moment to make that introduction happen. There is no higher compliment, and your introductions are the internal measuring stick of our service. THANK YOU!

    How should you introduce us? Just how you’d introduce a friend— “I have someone I want you to meet, and they could add real value to your life as they’ve done for me. May I introduce you to my team at PEEK WEALTH?” Oversimplified? Maybe. Authentic and easy? Absolutely!

  • How do your professional designations help me?

    With the myriad of designations available today and few that count, it’s pertinent you know why Justin earned the most important in the profession impacting you. Once PEEK WEALTH crafts your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) and formal planning, they then evaluate and utilize the foremost Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs) for investment portfolio management under Justin’s supervision and monitoring.

    CFP Designation

    In the CFP Board’s Terms— CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification is the standard of excellence in financial planning. CFP® professionals meet rigorous education, training and ethical standards, and are committed to serving their clients' best interests today to prepare them for a more secure tomorrow. The CFP® Board focus is on the following areas: Professional conduct and Regulation, General Principles of Financial Planning, Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Savings and Income Planning, Estate Planning and Psychology of Financial Planning.

    In PEEK WEALTH Terms— As a CFP® for over a decade, Justin is committed to a level of advice, care, confidentiality, and professionalism parallel to your physician. If asked by a client, ‘Is this what you would advise your own mother?’, his response is, ‘Yes, and as well as my sister and my two daughters’.

    AAMS Designation

    In the College for Financial Planning’s Terms— The Accredited Asset Management Specialist™ program is a designation program for financial professionals. The program provides advisors with strong fundamental financial knowledge with a specific focus on asset management and investments.

    In PEEK WEALTH Terms— The AAMS designation was Justin’s first, over 16 years ago, so that he could better evaluate and select investments and asset managers for his clients. Today, it additionally serves as a foundation to evaluate and select the various CFAs chosen to implement investment strategies for PEEK WEALTH clients.

    The CLTC Designation

    In the Certification for Long-Term Care Board’s Terms— CLTC® Certification for Long-Term Care educates professionals in the fields of insurance, financial services, law and accounting about the severe consequences a need for care over an extended period of years would have, not on their client, but on the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of those the client loves. The goal is to give these professionals the proper skill set to discuss those consequences, offer a plan to mitigate them, and when appropriate, recommend long-term care insurance as a funding source for that plan.

    In PEEK WEALTH Terms— It’s no one’s goal in life to grow up, become successful, and then lose one’s independence and become a financial, physical, and emotional burden to those they love most in the world. This is not a money conversation. It’s a family conversation on how to maintain dignity and family relations during the challenges of aging. And a one-time purchase of a long-term care policy is not a substitute for some very important conversations and planning. Justin and PEEK WEALTH are skilled in partnering with you through this process.

    The CCFC Designation

    In the American Institute of Certified College Financial Consultant’s terms— The CCFC designation and education program is strictly for CPA, CFP, PFS, CFA, AFC and ChFC holders and is designed to educate financial professionals in the areas of Education funding, financial aid planning, planning with education tax deductions and credits, student loan advising and practical planning strategies.

    In PEEK WEALTH Terms— We enjoy advising clients at every stage in the college planning process, whether it be working with young couples to develop a funding strategy, with families with high-school aged children to assist in the understanding of aid and how to organize assets and taxes, or with recent graduates to develop an effective student loan repayment strategy.

    Know that there is intention behind the hundreds of hours of continuing education necessary to maintain these designations each year. We constantly ask ourselves, “How can we take this information and apply it to improve our client’s lives?”.

  • Where are my assets housed and how do I know they are protected?

    With PEEK WEALTH, you'll enjoy the 'checks and balances' and support of the large firms along with the speed of decision-making and technology as though we served just your family. As an Investment Advisor governed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, PEEK WEALTH has an obligation to protect your assets by using a qualified financial advisor custodian to house client’s assets. No advisor should ever touch your money or investments directly, and we certainly don't at PEEK WEALTH. As a result, the use of a custodian helps minimize the risk of loss, theft, or misuse of funds by the investment advisor. PEEK WEALTH has a business relationship with LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer (over $1.2 trillion of client total assets)1, to custody our client’s assets.

    More information about LPL Financial can be found HERE

    1. As reported in Financial Planning magazine, June 1996-2023, based on total revenue.

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