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We provide a first-class retirement planning experience for those retired or retiring within 15 years that want help NOW. 

Do you value your time?
Do you like when people are transparent with you? 
Do you like to have a lot of fun (very important!)?

Great! Then let's say we've got something of a little bit of a different flavor to the stodgy financial services you've been used to, would it at least be worth a quick call to learn more? We're game, if you're game. Find the red 'schedule a meeting' box above and get started!

You should be living and enjoying your ideal life. Through sharing your most cherished financial dreams and fears, PEEK WEALTH will bring to bear its considerable experience and advice to help your family succeed. You'll be asked questions you've never been asked about your life and journey thus far that will motivate you to consider what's next, what you want, and what's non-negotiable in the time you have left on this planet.

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We focus on serving those who value time and life's preciousness, those that seek candor and follow professional advice, and those that want and will pay for an exceptional experience. Whether you've already made your millions or are building towards them, PEEK WEALTH exists to help you get and keep your ideal life. Cutting through financial confusion and media nonsense, PEEK WEALTH provides holistic and fiduciary advice in our advisory relationship with you.

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Focused on You

Rather than a focus on assets under management, revenue, or products, we focus on adding meaningful value to your life. At PEEK WEALTH, savvy planning starts with a sharp understanding of you and your family. Life, plan, money—in that order.  

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Designed for You

A New Approach to Planning

Planning for only one life event would be like having only one puzzle piece and expecting the entire picture to come together. We utilize a comprehensive approach to help you design your masterpiece starting with the cover on the box.

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